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Smaller producers does it for the love and passion of what they do. 

We want to create a path to other passionate so that the beverage can fulfill its destiny at the end of the circle.

La Republica Andina 42%

Gin with half of the botanicals from the Andes. Chilis, fruits, herbs and pepper from the high altitude is used for this wonderful product.
Works perfectly in Negroni, Aviation, Hanky Panky to name a few.

La Republica Amazonica 42%

Amazonian gin with half of the botanicals from the djungle. Cacao, barks, wood, chili, herbs, fruits and berries are used in this florar and smooth spirit.
Works excellent in Last Word, Improved Gin Cocktail, Bamboo to name a few.

The new and old design

The old design was made only for the first shipment to Europe. If you are holding one of the old bottles that means that you have one of the only 900 bottles of each gin that got that design. The new design took its place in Europe during June 2019.

Yerbasanta - The latin vermouth

Due to the Covid-19 we have delays with our launching of Yerbasanta. Once we have everything on the way we will do a proper introduction of the products and make sure that you can take part of this, absolut stunning vermouth.

We aim to be the number one provider of Latin American beverages in Scandinavia.                                                                                    Working only with small and medium sized producers we are open for all type of craft beverages with or without alcohol.                        We want to contribute an industry that we hold so dearly and near our heart.                         

We live and love hospitality! We love flavors!

Alejandro Ballón founder of Pacha Spirits 

Chirimoya fruit

The chirimoya or chirimuya by the Inca people, is a edible fruit belived to be native to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile.

Mark Twain called the chirimoya “the most delicious fruit know to men” 

The creamy texture of the flesh gives the fruit its secondary name, custard apple.  This fruit is used in La Republica Andina.

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